How the App works

SetScene on iPad and iPhoneSet will list all movie sets in alphabetical order. In addition the white arrows will show up a picker, which will offer further refinement of the search. If someone e.g. is looking for a set at a Café, the selected categories at the picker will state “Buildings” and “Gastronomy”. The result will list all available sets of this kind, including the requested Café. The numbers besides the found sets indicate the count of movies available at the chosen category.

Interior opens up a list of all available movie sets, which, in a broader sense, are set in an enclosed space. Because movie sets can often be assigned to a specific interior, this category is complex and comprehensive. For this reason it’s got its own tab and provides fast access.

Search gives you the opportunity to find movies especially via “Movie”, “Director”, “Genre”, “Year”, “Country” and “Epoch” categories. The subitem “Movies” offers a full-text search as well. There you can specify between “Set”, “Interior” or at the textual descriptions of the movie sets.

Favorites will gain access to your saved favorite sets.