Purpose of setscene

setscene app is unavailable Currently not available at the App Store

14.300+ movie sets out of 300 films of cinema history.

This helps getting acquainted with movies in a new, innovative manner: Where are scenes of comedies or horror movies set? Do some directors prefer specific sets, locations, settings? Which movies have been set in trains, a skyscraper, a wine cellar, etc.? The sets are structured by semantic categories. The interior or the set of the particular movie will be shown as a still.

What’s the use of it?

For Cinephiles it’s a new possibility to explore movies. People in media business and media theorists use setscene for studying scenography, lighting design and the practice of décor at the scenery.


We explicitly examine the spatial relations, the story of the movie is not considered at present. Those who are interested in details are referred to IMDb. The movies can conveniently be ordered from third party partners within the app.


The actual version holds 14.397 sets/locations out of 300 movies.

More Videos!

You can find a detailed explanation in this playlist.


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