When a movie is in production, there is one starting point: the script. It determines the story, the dialogue and the location/scenery of the plot. On its way to a finished movie, numerous creative and technical decisions have to be made. Among them are the selection and design of the location, the movie set. The director must break down the scene into shots, the camera man must design the lighting and frame, and the production designer must arrange the location of the story with regard to content and its aesthetical means.

Analysing movies systematically by sets (not geographical locations!), assists those who have to deal with movies/media at a professional level, as well as cinephiles in general.

Working as a designer/film-maker as well as lecturer, Heizo Schulze over the years has been approached numerous times by professional film-makers who wanted to be inspired by other movies. But who knows straightaway movies which are set e.g. at a gas station, at a cemetery, an attic etc.?

The idea of setscene was born and is now realized as a research project.

Dipl.-Des. Heizo Schulze: Concept · iOS Programming · Web
Professor for audiovisual media at the University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Lemgo.