The most amazing movie sets

To tell a story right, it is sometimes necessary to create a whole new world. To abduct the viewer into this world, sometimes stunning sceneries need to be built. Today we have the most expensive and most impressive sets for you.

In 1916 $2.5m were spent to create DW Griffith`s Intolerance, which takes us to ancient Babylon, 16th century France and 20th century America. The money was used among other things to build The Great Wall of Babylon, a 1000-foot-high, 5,300 foot wide complex of pillars and statues. Today, the costs of the set would be over $45m.

A similar effort has been applied in 1963 for the epic piece Cleopatra. The forum in the movie measured 1115 feet wide by 1640 feet high and Cleopatras barge and a Sphinx statue measured 35 feet. Applied with a budget of $2m the movie cracked $31m at he the end. Huge sets were constructed but never even used.

Even today tons of money are spent for the perfect setting. In the 1990s, the production of the infamous Waterworld, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi, devoured over §22m for the sets. An atoll that measured 365 feet in diameter and weighed about 1,000 tonnes was built on the Kona Coast in Hawaii.

And because we are already in the water: Even James Cameron`s Titanic is on our list. Measuring 800 feet long, the passenger liner in the movie was only 10 percent smaller than the once proud vessel it copied.