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Seems like we’ve had have enough choices – so no movie additions from your side this time. Not that much votes, therefore some competition with four movies being neck and neck.

My favorite movie “Chunking Express” is not among those, therefore I’d like to give you a taste with this video, although this american trailer is hilarious narrated.

And why not having another person giving you some thoughts on it? And you can have Quentin Tarantino talking about this movie in detail. It’s made for those who have watched the movie, because it’s divided into an introduction and a detailed review which makes definitely more sense afterwards.

Since Akira Kurosawa is represented with two movies in this list, you can get an idea about his visual art and craftsmanship with this video. Thanks to Benedict Uphoff, who discovered this treasure.

And here we go with the movie wich gave this post it’s visual hook: “Hana-Bi” by Takeshi Kitano, a true author-director.

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