The multifarious color palettes of movies

Whether it is conscious or unconscious, you can recognize a movie by its colors. If you think for example about the famous neo-noir science fiction film The Matrix you probably have the color green in mind, while Quentin Tarantinos Kill Bill from 2004 is connected to a shade of yellow.

And these shades are not random. Most romantic comedies use pastel shades like beige, pink and lilac, while Sci-fi movies use colors like blue and green. The Twitter account @CinemaPalettes took a look at our favorite movies and their color palette, which sets the tone and mood. Meanwhile they gathered over 250 different movies.

Among the films are titles like Disneys Aladdin with a lot of red and blue and Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016), which used autumnal colors like brown and yellow.

The fact that red is the predominant color in American Beauty will probably be no surprise, but did you notice that Suicide Squad (2016) will have a lot of shades of green? Of course not all movies have a specific color. Pulp Fiction (1994) by Quentin Tarantino or Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980) by Irvin Kershner use many different shades to create the perfect mood.

What about your favorite movie? If they are not already in the data base of @CinemaPalettes you can simply make a request and soon you will know which color actually dominates your favorite movie.