"Watchmen" by Zack Snyder 2009 · In a news room

World is changing – so are we.

There are two major news:

  1. The iOS app setscene will not be avaliable for free anymore.
  2. We are running wild to get the 300 movie milestone done.

The first news might sound harsh to some of you. But we’ve achieved a lot of work and plan to further improve the app this summer. For this engagement we can not deliver our analysis work for free. We tend to have a time limited access with a new version – until then new users still can access the current database with the paid app.

"Watchmen" by Zack Snyder 2009 · In a news room
“Watchmen” by Zack Snyder 2009 · In a news room · 01:08:02

Those who have used and accompanied setscene for a fairly long time: We’ll leave the data available for you until the new version arrives.

This sound’s fair, isn’t it?

At second we plan to get more information of the needs of our users – for preparing a brand new app with additional features and to get you involved for movies which should be integrated “set”-wise. So Benedict and Markus have prepared some categories and we’ll soon come back to you with some polls. Besides the those: you’re still invited to suggest any movie you miss.

Thank you for your understanding, the setscene team.