Movies 231-240 · Edition 012

2006 – Perfume: The Story of a Murderer · Tom Tykwer [DEU]
2003 – Mystic River · Clint Eastwood [USA]
1993 – The Rat · Klaus Lemke [DEU]
1984 – Paris, Texas · Wim Wenders [DEU/FRN]
1980 – Blues Brothers · John Landis [USA]
1973 – Soylent Green · Richard Fleischer [USA]*
1966 – Trace of Stones · Frank Beyer [DDR]
1960 – The Time Machine · George Pal [USA]
1951 – Miracle in Milan · Vittorio De Sica [ITA]
1931 – Frankenstein · James Whale [USA]

*Among them we choose our favorite movie:
„Soylent Green“, which has been released in Germany as „Jahr 2022… die überleben wollen“ („Year 2022 … those who want to survive“). The movie dates from a time the term dystopian film yet did not concern an entire genre. Richard Fleischer takes a look 50 years into the future. He shows a world of abundance and scarcity – too many people, too few opportunities to feed them. This film really anticipates much what we care about today: overpopulation, selection, resource scarcity and even deals with euthanasia. We choose “Soylent Green“ as our favorite movie of Edition 012, not only because of the iconographic confrontation by bulldozers and helpless crowds has been such an unspeakably congenial impertinence in film history. One can simply use staircases as habitat and refuge, how to represent social contrasts between the mob and the ruling class, and how they are separated from each other, progress and the future have round shapes, and Charlton Heston was the best thing that the cinema has reclaimed from the Cold War; these topics and many more are the reasons for our choice.
Apart from the brilliant and simple premise of the story of the film: What if human existence is transformed into a completely inhumane cycle due to scarcity of resources? We could have formulate this less convoluted, but that would be a sacrilegious spoiler.

Solomon Roth opts for euthanasia
The roommate of Detective Thorn, Solomon Roth opts for euthanasia. While his death he can once again see forests and animals, as a projection · Soylent Green 1973