Movies 221-230 · Edition 011

Another ten movie edition by our team:

2005 – Constantine · Francis Lawrence [USA]
2002 – Spider-Man · Sam Raimi [USA]
1986 – The Beauty of Vice · Zivko Nikolic [YUG]
1983 – The Draughtsman’s Contract · Peter Greenaway [GBA]
1979 – Love on the Run · François Truffaut [FRN]
1972 – Solaris · Andrei Tarkovsky [SWJ]
1965 – Morituri · Bernhard Wicki [USA]
1958 – Bonjour Tristesse · Otto Preminger [USA]
1941 – Citizen Kane · Orson Welles [USA]
1930 – The Blue Angel · Josef von Sternberg [DEU]

Unfortunately we couldn’t come to an agreement on a favorite movie. Therefore, delayed, a short explanation for each one. „Constantine“ connects the three religious levels this world, hell and the afterlife. „Spider-Man“ expands the natural environment of humans with skyscraper facades, among other things. „The Beauty of Vice“ connects the modern, enlightened world with the archaic life and values of a mountain village (We are sorry for the poor quality of the images). „The Draughtsman’s Contract“ includes with its special presentation several levels: the superficial criminological which additionally frames the view with a grid for proportional study, the artistic of the resulting drawings, the excessive artificiality of the staging and, of course, like all films, the final form of the cinematic work. „Love on the Run“ is on the one hand a kind of road movie, on the other hand François Truffaut makes use of an interesting montage: he inserts excerpts of former movies of the Antoine Doinel-cycle as a flashback. „Solaris“ raises the question whether the history of human culture for the Mission into Space is rather a burden to deal with or it is the prerequisite to experience the novelty. It is based on a Stanislaw Lem novel, btw.. „Morituri“ provides an intelligence level which operates under a maritime military plot and stars Marlon Brando. „Bonjour Tristesse“ detects the tragic under the superficial life of the southern French upper class with opulent Cinemascope, David Niven and Jean Seberg who’s character had inspired Jean-Lud Godard for his film „Breathless“. „Citizen Kane“ is a much discussed masterpiece – we choose, among other things, it’s gradations of image depth in foreground, middle ground and background as a quality feature for its inclusion in this list, although this sometimes is discussed as mannerist-noted. „The Blue Angel“ is part of the phase of transition from expressive silent film, in which the effect of set design supported the plot virtually disproportionate, to talking (and singing) character movie. In it the bourgeois teacher existence of Emil Jannings collapses because of meeting Marlene Dietrich acting as a femme fatal in the vaudeville „The Blue Angel“.

The workplace of Beeman, he supplies the main character with information and tools · Constantine 2005
The workplace of Beeman, he supplies the main character with information and tools · Constantine 2005