Movie N° 200: Taxi Driver – M. Scorsese 1976 USA

For a long time I haven´t known how to face this movie internal. At first it is a distressed proof of a human living outside society. Travis Bickle, a former Vietnam-veteran, rubs himself as a taxi driver against his emotional isolation and the supposed rabble of the street. This goes crabwise into a violence excess, which is outrageous for the mainstream cinema until then. But the real ambivalence of this movie is the end. Martin Scorsese´s protagonist arises not only uninjured, but also as a hero out of the story. It is a concession to our archaic desire changing things, which is doomed to failure in our complex society because the individual is captured in guidelines and rules. This could be a reason why Scorsese decided that his protagonist Bickle does not fail.

We choose this movie with its sets because of the almost exemplary places and rooms of an urban life.