Movie N° 198: Shoot ´Em Up – M. Davis 2007 USA

A movie with Paul Giamatti cannot be a bad one. If the viewer has a similar range of tolerance as Giamatti´s fearlessness selecting roles, this guideline will be a good indicator. In „Shoot ´Em Up“ one is allowed to hate him, but usually this happens rarely. It is a satire of an action movie; violence and ethic are likewise „bigger than life“. The highly decent protagonist accepts the responsibility for a newborn baby completely undesired. The mother died shortly after birth, the baby as well should be destroyed by Giamatti´s unscrupulous vassals. This happens inside an illustrious accumulation of sets: roofs, lofts, factories, a brothel, a playground, a tank, a plane etc.

We choose this movie with its sets because of the visual intensity of the places. And simply because of the scene on the roof at the beginning of the escape. It’s a visual dialogue substitute making a neon sign talk.