Movie N° 196: The Boondock Saints – T. Duffy 1999 USA

A murder in self-defence will turn into a religious destiny. After killing two members of the Russian mafia the irish brothers Connor and Murphy were celebrated like heroes, they believe they are chosen by God to justice for themselves. They go on a religious campaign of revenge against the mafia. 

The homosexual FBI agent Paul, played by Willem Dafoe, is on the track of the irish brothers and shapes the movie with his eccentric appearance extremely. „The Boondock Saints“ quickly develops into a cult movie, although it was played only in a few american cinemas, in Germany not at all. This is, among other things, the result of the provocation to justify the fight against organized crime with religious motives and a clear „Style over Substance“ strategy. 

We choose this movie with its sets because of the eclipsing of cinematic levels: a systematic FBI Profiler with the chaotic campaign of revenge of the two brothers, happening more by chance. In fact they meet each other spatially in the scenes, but acting in different times.

boondock saints